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Steelhead Drift Boat Fishing Salmon River with Rapid River Outfitters
Fishing vacations with Rapid River Outfitters
Bass Fishing on the Salmon River near Riggins, Idaho with Rapid River Outfitters
           Steelhead                 Sep.15 - March 31

Our Steelhead fishing is based out of Riggins Idaho, and takes place on the Salmon River. A typical trip runs 6-12 miles of river, and lasts 8-9 hours. We provide all the necessary fishing equipment and bait. The drift boats are heated and quite comfy even in winter conditions.


We meet at the River Rock Cafe at  6:00 am to enjoy a hot breakfast, or we can make arrangements to meet  you at  your motel. The fishing will start shortly after sunrise and end around 4:30pm. The boats will have water and hot coffee, plus ample cooler space so don't forget your favorite spirits or beverage. 


The weather can change greatly throughout a day fishing so be prepared. We recommend  layers of clothing,  rain gear, gloves and a good hat.




1- person Full Day 400.00 for the boat

1-person 1/2 Day 300.00 for the boat

2- people Full Day 460.00 for the boat

2-people 1/2 Day 350.00 for the boat

3- people Full Day 690.00 for the boat

3- people 1/2 Day 525.00 for the boat

*You may request a lunch 15.00 per person     or feel free to bring your own.

*Make sure you have a valid Idaho fishing    license,  and steelhead permit in your  possession on the trip. 





 Multi Day Adventures         July 15 - Sep. 30

The multi-day fishing adventures take place on a 70 mile  roadless strech of the Salmon River we call the four gorges area. We can drift a portion of the area in 2-3 days, or the entire reach in 4-5  days. 


You will spend your days fishing and exploring the river, and your nights camping and relaxing on beautiful beaches. We provide a very comfortable camp with every possible convenience. Dinner  and breakfast will be enjoyed at camp. Lunch will be served on the boat to maximize the time spent fishing.


The summer trips will target small mouth bass and trout. Spin and fly gear will be available. The warm weather and favorable water conditions makes this trip a family favorite.

We also offer Whitewater Rafting trips. We offer day trips and exciting multi day trips in the summer.


The fall trip is a sportsman's delight. We can still catch bass and trout, but our main focus is ocean run rainbow trout (Steelhead) and Fall Chinook Salmon. We will also have the opportunity to upland game bird hunt. So bring your dog and shotgun.


These trips will make memories for a lifetime, and become a tradition for generations!


Call for prices, cost varies depending on  group size. 208-628-3862.


Bass and trout  fishing is as action packed as any fishing on the Salmon River. Trips are ran out of the Riggins Area. This trip offers great fishing and beautiful scenery.


The trip will begin at 9:00am, and fish until around 3:30pm.


We greatly encourage people to take some of their bass catch home for dinner. The trout we recommend releasing to help build numbers for future fishing. 


Our boats will be equipped for spin and fly fishing. We will provide cooler space plus water and snacks. You are welcome to bring your favorite spirit or beverage.


All Fishing is done incidentally while we float through this scenic canyon.




1- person Full Day 350.00 for the boat

2- people Full Day 400.00  for the boat

3- people Full Day 600.00 for the boat

* You may request a shorter day, price is still the same.

*You may request a lunch 15.00 per person

  or feel free to bring your own.

*Make sure you have a valid Idaho fishing        license in your possession on the trip.

     Smallmouth Bass            June 20 - Sep. 15
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